2017 Ruckers

Vic Wise: Freedom Ruck Founder & West Coast Rucker

Fueled by cheeseburgers and whiskey, you'll rarely catch Vic sitting idly by. Lately he's been on a mission to explore all the activities his new hometown Seattle, Wa. has to offer. 

Vic is an Account Supervisor at Publicis Seattle, serving T-Mobile. He is also the Director of Marketing for the Russell Wilson Passing Academy

Vic started Freedom Ruck four years ago with a vision. To say "thank you" to our service men and women in a powerful way. With the help of countless others and of course, his bad ass cousin, Val, they have created something they hold near and dear to their hearts. Humbled by everyone’s support, he only hopes to see Freedom Ruck grow by inspiring more and more people to show their patriotism & gratitude each year.

Alex Miller: Friend & Freedom Ruck East Coast

Alex lives in Arlington, VA with his wife, Ashley and works as a project manager supporting the DOD.

Alex and Ashley are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first baby boy this April. In preparation for this event, he'll be armed with a handful of dad audiobooks and podcasts and hopes to have fatherhood all figured out by the time he arrives at Arlington National Cemetery Sunday morning but suspects he'll still have some work to do.

He and Vic were roommates at James Madison University and have remained friends ever since. Alex completed Freedom Ruck with Vic last year and looks forward to the challenge of leading Freedom Ruck on the east coast.

He has a profound respect for our servicemen and women and their families and is excited to have the opportunity to honor them and raise money for a well deserving charity once again. 

Robert Davies: Friend, Freedom Ruck East Coast & Team RWB

Robert lives in Fredericksburg, VA with his wife, son, and daughter. Participating in athletic events with Team RWB is a passion for Robert. 

Robert works as a DoD civilian with the United States Marine Corps, working alongside uniformed Marines to buy or build all assets that the ground warriors need to overcome the enemy. 

As a Navy veteran himself, Robert participated in the 2015 & 2016 Freedom Ruck to give back to the Navy community and promote patriotism. The 2015 Freedom Ruck event was the first in which Robert carried Old Glory. 

Inspired by that 2015 event with Vic, Robert has continued to carry Old Glory more than 2,000 miles in various half and full marathons, ultra marathons, and triathlons. 

James Lafferty: Friend, Freedom Ruck East Coast & Team RWB

"After having a chance to rest and recover, I had an opportunity to reflect back on the events of this weekend. I have gone back through all of these amazing photos to remind myself of what had blurred together in the 48 hour, sleep deprived state. 

I see such dedication to the mission and dedication to each other. I am moved by those that that came out and pushed themselves and pushed their limits. My heart was heavy when I saw the disappointment on the faces of those that had to leave before they reached their goal, due to injury or illness. I am thankful for those that came out to ruck, to share the burden, to share their story, to add their energy and support to this wonderful event.

Finally completing the full distance of Freedom Ruck has been great personal achievement for me. It has brought new perspective on sacrifice and the limits that we place on ourselves. I am blessed by all those who helped and supported me, my Freedom Ruck family. I have already started thinking about the next #FreedomRuck."

2017 Support

Olivia Walthall: Friend & Photographer

Olivia Walthall returns this year as a photographer for Freedom Ruck's East coast team. Olivia recently earned her degree in Photography and Film from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts.

Once named the Most Outstanding Junior in her department for her involvement and moxie, she has a passion for working within the framework of communities, familiar and not. This interest has led her to working with the artists like Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques in his Eden Schoolhouse Project for the Aperture Foundation.

Walthall currently works creating content as an in-house photographer in Richmond, VA. Although shooting commercial for a living, Walthall dreams of becoming a press photographer.

Olivia's passion and tenacity, her willingness to devote her time and talents to help us tell the Freedom Ruck story are greatly admired and appreciated. She helps us capture our journey to say thank you to our servicemen and women. We are incredibly grateful. 

Rebecca Cunningham: Friend, Photographer & Team RWB



Rebecca Cunningham is an event, portrait and nature photographer based in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

The daughter of a hobbyist photographer, Rebecca grew up with a camera in her hands and a penchant for taking pictures of just about everything.

Rebecca's passion for storytelling through imagery is shown by her ability to capture spontaneous, candid and meaningful moments. 

Her 14 years' experience in photo editing and graphic design allow her to professionally edit and touch-up photos to provide a consistently high-quality product. Her background in counseling provides her with seemingly endless patience, energy, and warmth. She works great with clients of all ages and backgrounds. 

Rebecca's energy and keen photography eye have helped the East Coast Freedom Ruck team capture and share their journey. Her dedication to creatively documenting every mile of the ruck is much appreciated!

Valerie Reynolds: Vic's Cousin & Social Media Support

Val and Vic mile marker 30 during Vic's first Freedom Ruck in 2013. 

Val and Vic mile marker 30 during Vic's first Freedom Ruck in 2013. 

Four years ago my cousin, Vic Wise, called me to run an idea by me. He wanted to do a (borderline crazy) physical challenge to say thank you to our servicemen and women (and to inspire others to do the same). He knew he wanted to call it Freedom Ruck, and he wanted to walk 100 miles in under 48 hours. He asked if I would help by lending social media support. 

It was just the two of us for about 30 miles during the first Freedom Ruck in 2013. Today, because of his appreciation for those who serve and love for our country, our Freedom Ruck family has grown and inspired us. 

Thank you all for following along, for sharing our mission online and via word of mouth, for coming out to shake Vic’s hand, to ruck alongside him, for your financial donations, for your comments and messages of love and encouragement. 

We ruck to say “thank you” to our brave servicemen and women. Your support keeps us going. Here's to year 4 and another 100 miles! RUCK ON!